Keeping it Bullsh*t Free

Vital Farms tries to wrap their heads around other egg company’s absurd bullshit claims,
while showing us a way forward that not only makes progress, but actually makes sense.

Brand Campaign

Vital Farms Hatches Another Round Of 'Bullsh*t Free' Egg Callouts

Vital Farms Stays 'Bullsh*t Free' While Calling Out Shady Corporate Practices
Vital Farms compares Hens to Office Workers in Ads Calling Out Food Industry Bullsh*t

Made with the incredibly talented
Andrew Singleton, Jenna Krackenberger, Wendy Ampuero,
Tashanee Williams, Taylor Jansen, Kristen Meade & Katie Harris

Directed and Produced by 
Sander Plug & Hornet Productions

Under the creative guidence of
Jimmie Blount & Justin Ralph

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