I was asked to create and art direct a documentary film about the 5 year tradition of the stained glass windows in the Preacher chapel, created for SXSW by our designers and kept up year round until the following year. Through casual conversation with the man who has applied and removed the stained glass vinyl since the chapel’s beginning, we learned that the window designs from years past had an afterlife- lovingly re-applied in the vinyl applicator (nicknamed The Vinyl King)’s sunroom at his personal residence. 

The project was shut down due to COVID and the original Preacher chapel has since closed- but the stills from that first shoot day remain - a cloudy origin story of an afterlife that forever remains in pergatory.
Client: Preacher Chapel
Project Afterlife | The Vinyl King

February 2020

Role: Art Director
Tasks: Concept and Art Direction

Creative Direction: Greg Hunter & Kellyn Blount
Director: Travis Hoggard