San Antonio Express-News As Told from the Frontier Brand Refresh, Brand Book, Print Campaign

As one of Texas’s oldest newspapers, we were tasked with honoring the reputation of the paper’s longevity while adapting the brand to the modern demands of the modern world. 

Brand Book 
Along with a print campaign and a new set of brand guidelines, we created a 250 page hardcover book using the paper’s own archives to tell the story of a unique visibility advantage that only they can own –drawing from San Antonio’s own past and using that experience to look towards the city’s future.

Style Guide 
We created a new set of brand guidelines inspired by the things that are unique to San Antonio.

Art Director: Kymberli Fraser
Nate James, Caroline Jinks
Ryan Ebner, Juan Garza, Zach Watkins
CDs: Zach Watkins, Marcus Brown